Welcome to Orrell Roofline

Orrell Roofline is owned and run by Sean and his business partner Stephen who have over 40 years of roofline experience between them. They formed there own company because they knew there was no other roofline firm in the local area that supplied and fitted aluminium gutters.

The aluminium gutters are custom made on site for each individual property using an expensive piece of equipment that forms the gutters to the exact specification, eradicating the need for any joins. Find out more about our aluminium gutters.

Roofline is the most vunerable area of a building

Your roofline is exposed to all weathers, which results in decaying timber, rot and to such hazards as blocked gutters. There is an answer to this problem, a permanent cure, which not only removes the worry of expensive replacement of timbers, but also eliminates the need for repainting.

Several coats of paint over the years may well give the appearance that all is well, however the stark reality probably is that rafter ends, fascias, soffits, and barge boards have been steadily rotting away from within, completely undetected.

Orrell roofline products are maintenance free, durable and robust. The material is ideal for those parts of the building that need to resist sun, rain, frost and wind. Once installed you can forget them. You may choose white, brown, black or a variety of finishes according to your taste, combining or contrasting colours with your gutter system.

By replacing your external timber with Orrell roofline products, your home becomes maintenance free, and you can forget about the endless round of repairs and repainting. It will never crack, peel or flake. It will never need a coat of paint or preservative. It comes with its own waterproof skin that will only ever need an occasional wash.

So repainting forget it.

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